Poll: Some BVers say ‘no way’ to testifying in court

BVWireIssue #232-2
January 19, 2022

expert testimony
expert witness, litigation, expert testimony

About one in five (18%) of business valuation experts who do divorce cases have no interest in testifying in court, according to a recent poll. During a BVR webinar on valuations for divorce, the audience was asked: Have you testified in a divorce matter? There were 139 responses, and half of them said, “Yes”; a third said, “No, but I am interested in doing so”; and 18% said, “No, and I am not interested.” Josh Shilts and his colleague, Jeff Robison, both with the Florida-based firm Shilts CPA, gave some very practical advice about testifying in court in a divorce matter, raising the confidence level of those who have testified in court. For those who have not testified—and especially those who are interested in doing so—Shilts says it is not a “life or death” situation. If your valuation does not prevail, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking and you need a thick skin, but he and Robison shared ways to prepare and present your valuation that will increase your confidence and improve your chances in court.
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