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BVWireIssue #91-1
April 7, 2010

BVR provides over 90 free articles, papers and standards written by top experts in the field of business valuation.

The top ten downloads last month were:

  • Personal Goodwill: A Survey of Definitions
  • Substantial and Gross Valuation Misstatements Attributable to Incorrect Appraisals
  • Reasonable Compensation: Can Your Opinion Survive this 12-point Checklist?
  • How Much is Your Business Worth - According to Inc. and BVR
  • Statement of the American Society of Appraisers Panel Discussion with IRS Regarding The Process for Assessing Civil Money Penalties Against Appraisers for Valuation Misstatements
  • 2010 BV Glossary
  • Does Black Scholes Overvalue Early Stage Company Allocations?
  • It's Turtles all the Way Down
  • A Timely New Study of Bankruptcy Prediction Models from Morningstar

How to Use Transactional Databases for M&A, 2010 Update” was just added to the list of free downloads.  The updated article provides assistance on using transactional databases and gives information about four transactional databases: Pratt’s Stats, Public Stats, BIZCOMPS, and the Factset Mergerstat/BVR Control Premium Study.

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