Over 450 new transactions in Pratt’s Stats

BVWireIssue #68-1
May 7, 2008

Pratt’s Stats® added over 450 NEW transactions to the database this past April—a record for the most transactions ever added during a single month.  This substantial increase brings the total transaction count to over 11,500 sold private companies.  In addition to collecting data on the acquisitions of private firms by public companies from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, Pratt’s Stats visited three business brokerage firms during April to gather over 350 proprietary private-to-private transactions.  To access the new transactions in Pratt’s Stats, click here.

To get the most out of the Pratt’s Stats database, we suggest The Comprehensive Guide to the Use and Application of the Transaction Databases, by Nancy Fannon and Heidi P. Walker.  Released this month by BVResources, this new guide analyzes the Pratt’s Stats, BIZCOMPS®, FactSetMergerstat Deal Report and DoneDeals® databases, providing guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls associated with each.  For more information, click here.

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