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BVWireIssue #64-2
January 16, 2008

Thanks to Nancy Fannon for bringing the annual PwC Daubert study to our attention at the recent National LEI/CLE Conference in Vail, Colorado (see last week’s BVWire™).  Of special note: Fannon has just posted her presentation slides from the conference—on lost profits/economic damages and valuation discounts (in the context of Chapter 14 and Section 2036 cases) at her website, which was recently updated and enhanced.  Check out the expanded offerings and new information available at, which BVFLS attendees agreed was already one of the best in the business.

Correction: In last week’s item on the LEI/CLE conference, the litigation which lasted two and a half years for Tom Hilton and his firm (Anders Minkler & Diehl LLP, St. Louis) culminated in a trial that took sixteen weeks (not days).  In his presentation on e-discovery, Hilton also mentioned that instead of hearing “what information do you need to form your opinions?” he’s dreading the day when attorneys ask, “where is it possible to find the information you need?’”  As a starting point, try this article by Micheal LoGiudice, CPA/ABV (PwC Chicago), “A Financial Expert’s View on e-Discovery and Financial Expert Challenges,” originally published in e-Discovery Law & Strategy (ALM), available here.  

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