New platform unlocks the world of M&A valuations

BVWireIssue #203-3
August 21, 2019

M&A valuations
M&A transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fairness opinion, guideline transaction method

For the first time, direct access is available to documents that reveal the valuation analyses behind M&A transactions. The Valuation Benchmarking Platform (VBP) is a new online tool that allows you to search for transactions that match your target company and compare your multiples, cost of capital, normalized financial forecasts, and other business valuation assumptions with recent work accepted by the SEC and other regulators. The platform includes live links to all the source documents behind the transactions, including valuation reports, board books, and more. The Valuation Benchmarking Platform is updated monthly and currently contains 2,015 reports, 14,700 analyses with assumptions, 20,500 GPC comparables, and 21,700 M&A transaction comparables. These comparables are those that were used in the valuation analyses behind the transactions. You can also see where these comparables were used in support of other transactions. Consider the platform as an add-on to any financial data platform such as DealStats or CapIQ and you will harness insight into comparable business valuations like never before. Why not take a look at the platform? Just click here to request a demo. 
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