New platform for pre-IPO study for supporting a DLOM

BVWireIssue #262-1
July 10, 2024

discount for lack of marketability (DLOM)
pre-IPO, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM)

Many valuation experts defend their discounts for lack of marketability (DLOM) using data from pre-IPO studies. Over the July 4 holiday, the Valuation Advisors Lack of Marketability Discount Study, which is an online database of pre-IPO transactions, moved to a new platform that will provide enhanced search capabilities, user-specific customization, and various export options. In fact, the platform is the same that is now used for DealStats, BIZCOMPS, FactSet/BVR Control Premium Study, Guideline Public Company Comps Tool, and BVR’s Cost of Capital Professional. If you use any of those tools, you’ll already be familiar with the new Valuation Advisors platform, which will add helpful features and enhancements such as saved searches, deal alerts, and more. Want to watch a short video on the new platform? Click here to check it out.
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