New online tool for valuing fractional interests

BVWireIssue #228-3
September 22, 2021

industry analysis
family limited partnership (FLP), appraisal, going concern, real estate, holding company, real property

This October will see the launch of the Partner Value Expert (PVX), an online application that represents a new approach to valuing fractional interests involving real estate. The developer, Dennis A. Webb (Primus Valuations), gave an explanation of the new application during a recent BVR webinar. Webb is a real estate appraiser as well as a business valuation expert who has specialized in fractional interests for almost 25 years. The application has been in development for six years and is also explained in Webb’s new book, Valuing Fractional Interests in Real Estate 2.0. The approach relies primarily on income methods using public limited partnership and REIT market returns. During the webinar, he presented the updated methodology by examining the methods in use today and understanding how and why they are replaced by or used in the new approach. He also stressed the importance of telling the story behind the valuation that makes sense to the user of your report. A recording is available of the webinar, 2.0: The New Breakthrough in Fractional Interest Valuation.

Extra: You can see PVX for yourself in the Exhibit Hall at the ASA International Appraisers Conference October 24-26 in Las Vegas.

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