New enhancements made to DealStats transaction database

BVWireIssue #215-2
August 12, 2020

market approach
private company transaction data, market approach, public company data

DealStats (formerly Pratt’s Stats), the state-of-the-art platform for private- and public-company transaction comparables, has made some enhancements, most notably:

  • A weighted harmonic mean statistic has been added to both the “Statistics” tab and the “Summary” tab;
  • The Download option for “Only Displayed Fields” and “All Available Fields” now includes a second worksheet, which contains the “Summary” tab information (so users have a record of their search criteria, their selected/deselected transaction IDs, and their summary statistics); and
  • There is a new Excel download option: “All Available Fields & Analysis Tabs.”

Other new enhancements include improvements to the “Summary tab,” which now displays transaction counts and deselected transactions IDs. Also, the “Copy” button on the “Summary” tab now maintains formatting (gridlines, bolds, etc.) when pasted into Microsoft Word.

Extra: The new fourth edition of the Comprehensive Guide to the Use and Application of Transaction Databases is now available and covers the most popular transaction databases, including DealStats, BIZCOMPS, S&P Capital IQ, and more—plus new resources that have come to market, such as Tagnifi and MergerShark.

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