New edition released of the BV in Divorce Compendium

BVWireIssue #216-4
September 30, 2020

marital dissolution/divorce
divorce, appraisal, discovery, equitable distribution, COVID-19, assets, income, support

The most current summary and analysis of U.S. legal decisions involving business valuation and divorce is in the just-released fifth edition of BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium. The book is in two parts: Part 1 contains the latest insights from top valuation and legal experts, including the impact of COVID-19, the valuation of goodwill, the double-dipping problem, passive appreciation, serving as an expert witness, and more. Part 2 contains court case digests and a summary table so you can quickly find the cases you need. The book also includes an update to BVR’s Charting Goodwill Jurisprudence, a handy state-by-state breakdown of each state’s basic position toward enterprise and professional goodwill—an invaluable tool for valuations. To check out the book’s Table of Contents, click here.
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