New edition of Hitchner’s valuation book released

BVWireIssue #175-4
April 26, 2017

Top valuation experts all have Jim Hitchner’s valuation book on their shelves, and the new edition is now available: Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, 4th edition,as well as its companion, Financial Valuation Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master Financial Valuation, 4th edition. What’s new in this edition includes:

  • Thinking and research on risk premiums, beta, and data sources related to cost of capital/rates of return;
  • Data sources for valuing companies outside the United States;
  • Presentation of a complete valuation report that is compliant with the business valuation standards of the AICPA (SSVS), ASA, IBA, NACVA, and USPAP;
  • Quantitative models for determining a discount for lack of marketability and using restricted stock transaction data;
  • Guidance on calculating fair market compensation in the healthcare industry and other industries; and
  • New thoughts and applications for valuing pass-through entities.

The book includes contributions from over 30 nationally recognized names in the valuation industry with specialties in accounting, forensics, business valuation, and financial analysis. We especially like the practical “ValTips” for getting to the bottom of controversial issues.

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