New edition of essential guide to lost profits

BVWireIssue #138-1
March 5, 2014

The most up-to-date thinking on lost profits and damages is in the new third edition of The Comprehensive Guide to Lost Profits and Other Commercial Damages, edited by Nancy J. Fannon and Jonathan Dunitz, Esq. The focus of the guide is financial evidence: how to gather it, interpret it, and tell its story in a lawsuit or litigation setting. It blends the financial expert’s knowledge of accepted methods and procedures with the attorney’s knowledge of legal issues and insights to provide a unique and in-depth analysis and interpretation of the continually expanding body of case law.

Key highlights of the new edition include:

  • Updated and expanded chapters covering all aspects of calculating lost profits/loss of business value;
  • An insightful and comprehensive look at the unjust enrichment remedy;
  • Substantive new materials on forensic accounting;
  • A new chapter covering business interruption;
  • Expanded coverage of benefit of the bargain damages;
  • Expanded insights into intellectual property damages, including patents, trademarks, and copyright; and
  • New and enhanced abstracts of many of the lost profit and damage cases found throughout the book.

For more information and to see the table of contents, click here.

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