New Control Premium Study platform makes its debut

BVWireIssue #218-2
November 11, 2020

discounts & premiums
control premium, discount for lack of control (DLOC)

BVR subscribers have expressed a great deal of interest in invested capital premiums, which explains why many of them attended the free webinar on enhancements to the FactSet Mergerstat/BVR Control Premium Study. One exciting addition is the move to a new platform that features enhanced search/filter capabilities, customized display and Excel downloads, the ability to save searches, and more. Also, the new platform features a day pass purchase option instead of the previous single-search purchase option. Now, instead of just purchasing the data for an individual industry, you can access the full data set for an entire 24-hour period. The architects of the new platform covered the basics of the control premium study and its data, the move to the new platform, and how to use it to get the data you need. The webinar is free and can be accessed if you click here.
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