New BVR/ktMINE royalty rate benchmarking guide released

BVWireIssue #182-1
November 1, 2017

A new edition of the BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide is now available to help analysts develop an accurate IP portfolio valuation. It contains an analysis of data from the ktMINE database of global licensing transactions in 21 industries to help you benchmark IP transactions over a 10-year period. This new edition has three times more analyzed agreements than the previous edition and includes royalty rate trends such as:

  • Royalty rate medians, averages, and interquartile ranges;
  • Royalty rate ranges by deal type;
  • Royalty rate ranges by agreement type (marketing intangibles, patent/technology intangibles, and combination intangibles); and
  • Percentage of agreements made by region (Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Worldwide).

There’s also a real-world example of how analysts have used ktMINE data as a basis for calculating royalty rates used in court cases.

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