New BVR briefing on impact of data breaches on firm value

BVWireIssue #210-4
March 25, 2020

valuation methods & approaches
risk analysis, company specific risk

During this time of crisis, hacking and data breaches are likely to increase. This is a material risk that needs to be considered and captured in a business appraisal. Do you put it into company-specific risk for the income approach? Adjust multiples for the market approach? Treat it as a contingent liability? Use option models? How have stock values been impacted due to public-company breaches? All this—and more—is discussed in a new BVR briefing: “Cybersecurity in Business Valuation: Addressing the Impact of Data Breaches on Value.” Appraiser Mike Blake (Brady Ware & Co.) and cybersecurity expert Charles Hoff (Data Security University) discuss some emerging ideas and techniques that are helping to pave the way to better understand and measure the impact of data security and cyber liability risks on the value of a business.
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