New blog connects BV specialists and business owners

BVWireIssue #67-1
April 2, 2008

The mission of the new blog, Driving Your Company’s Value, is to assist business owners and managers “in understanding what drives a company's value and to master the business literacy (knowledge) required to take advantage of those drivers of value.”   Sponsored by the SBV Network and hosted by Jim Rigby and Bill Quackenbush, the site is among the first to offer a forum in which guest BV bloggers can post entries specifically geared toward business owners and the creation of company value.   A list of categories appears on the right side of the site; current topics range from administration to venture capital, debt placement to ratio analysis and recommended reading.  Postings are also “tagged” according to six broad areas of business activity and interest: leadership, marketing, finance, administration, sales, and operations.

“Postings should be 200 to 700 words in length,” says host Jim Rigby.  If accepted, guest postings can link to a longer document (such as an article) and/or include multiple parts.  For example, a posting on “Understanding Your Financial Statements” will have thirteen parts when finished, Rigby says.  A recent posting by Terry Allen (The Financial Valuation Group) covers the three ways to increase cash flow.  Accepted postings will include the guest blogger’s contact information, making the site an effective promotional vehicle for participants (especially because search engines generally give blog postings a higher ranking based on their higher levels of interactivity).  To find out more, check out the “About Us” section of the new site; subscription is quick, easy, and free.

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