More on Goodwill before—and after—Gaskins from BVResources

BVWireIssue #78-2
March 11, 2009

Last week’s coverage of Gaskill v. Robbins generated a few e-mails from readers looking for more on this important case. Interested readers will be happy to know that the full-text of the Kentucky court’s decision now joins the over 1,500 matrimonial cases posted to BVLaw™, the single-largest, BV-specific case law database available to financial experts, valuation analysts, and attorneys. More good news: We have updated our “Goodwill Hunting,” state-by-state summary to reflect the new ruling in Gaskill; the free download is available here.

Indeed, if you have not visited in recent weeks, now is the time to take a closer look. We are constantly updating the site to offer the information and insights that BV experts need to improve their practices. Much of it, in fact, is free for the taking. Case in point: The Free Downloads page includes a number of must-reads. Below is a quick list of the most downloaded files over the last several months:

  • Appraisals for Tax Purposes: Collateral Damage of the ‘Pomeroy Bill’
    Authored by Will Frazier, this is a Special Report from the Business Valuation Update™
  • Summary of FAS 157, Fair Value Measurements
    A summary that includes key points, new disclosure requirements and a discussion on the convergence with international valuation standards
  • Free Issue of the Economic Outlook Update™ 4Q 2008
    An economic summary of one of the worst quarterly economic results in history
  • Median Pricing Multiples from the Pratt's Stats® Database
    Valuation multiples haven’t dropped yet, but all the data for 2008 isn’t in yet
  • Reporting Standards Update: What All BV Analysts Must Know
    Authored by Donald P. Wisehart and David Anderson, this is a comparative analysis of the AICPA, ASA, NACVA, USPAP and IBA standards and includes a list of Permitted Engagements and Reports per organization
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