More of ‘what matters’ in BVResearch

BVWireIssue #68-2
May 14, 2008

After adding more than 265 articles from Willamette Management Associates Insights to BVResearch™ (see last week’s ‘Wire), we’ve now just posted nearly 60 articles from Mercer Capital’s Value Matters.  We’ve also added a separate department to peruse and pick out the premium Mercer content in the “Advanced Product Search” engine.  For example, a search of “marketability discounts” in only the Mercer Capital Value Matters department of BVResearch turns up twenty nine results, including articles on the application of IRC Section 409A, the QMDM (Quantitative Marketability Model), and related case law.  (There are 192 total articles on “marketability discounts” in all of BVResearch.)  For more information—and to search the most comprehensive source for BV-specific materials—check out BVResearch now.    

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