More news, less politics, to ‘feed’ BV appraisers

BVWireIssue #67-4
April 23, 2008

In asking what content BV appraisers and analysts would most like to see covered in the BVWire™, our latest online survey garnered more responses than any other (except a poll on BV professional standards).  Interestingly—only a quarter (25.8%) of respondents want to see more information on BV standards and report writing.  By far, the majority want updates on traditional valuation approaches (62.9% of respondents checked off this item) and on the assessment and application of discounts and premiums (54.8%).  Nearly half (about 46%) want more coverage of valuation by the courts and by the IRS.  And more than a third (33.9%), after reviewing the five choices, simply ticked off “all of the above.”

“Many of us hunger for information regarding what other practitioners are doing,” comments one.  “We spend hours reading material that only applies to valuators doing 50 million dollar deals,” says another, “but practically every month I wonder what I’m spending my money on.  I feel like the kid in Charles Dickens, looking through the window watching the family eating their nice dinner while I go hungry.”

At the same time, “fair value, the FASB and the SEC are significantly influencing the profession and therefore warrant coverage,” says another respondent.  (Just look at the sold-out courses and conferences on fair value, this person points out.)  “With the way things are going,” observed another, “fair value could very well become fair market value.”  “I don’t really care about the ‘politics’ of fair value,” one analyst says, summing up what seemed to be the general consensus.  “I do want the ‘news’ about it, but also other valuation issues.”   The survey is still live and taking responses; in the meantime, we appreciate all the feedback—and will continue to strive for balanced coverage of critical issues that impact BV practitioners and the related financial, legal, and accounting professions in the BVWire as well as other products and services from BVResources.  For instance, click here to send us suggested topics for future teleconferences—and if we end up producing your idea, you’ll receive a complimentary line (a $249 value).

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