Latest update propels Pratt’s Stats past 26,500 private-company transactions

BVWireIssue #176-1
May 3, 2017

Pratt’s Stats, the private-company transaction database from Business Valuation Resources, has just added 562 new transactions and now contains details of more than 26,500 private-company transactions. But more important than the number of transactions is the expanded breadth of the data—the new transactions include 53 transactions outside the U.S. and add to the database’s global expansion. For these non-U.S. transactions, the median deal price is $99.2 million; the median revenue figure is $22.2 million, with an average of $139.4 million. The top three countries from which the new transactions come are Canada (15 transactions), Spain (9), and Italy (5). Other countries include the United Kingdom, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, and Russia, among others.

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