Latest trend: What percent of BV revenues come from BV activities?

BVWireIssue #51-1
December 6, 2006

Another snapshot from BVR’s soon-to-be-released 2007 Business Valuation Firm Economics & Best Practices Survey: Less than an eighth of CPA revenues come from business appraisals and related work (see table below). The larger CPA firms, often with a single partner running the business valuation “department,” show smaller and smaller percentages of total revenue from BV activities—and this may be a continuing trend, given that many public-firm auditors are growing more wary of performing fair value appraisals.

Per Cent of total billings received from business valuation activities

Small BV firms (<$200k in total billings)


Mid-size BV firms ($200k-$1MM in total billings)


Large BV firms (>$1MM in total billings)


Small CPA firm (<$1MM in total billings) % of revenue from BV activities


Mid-size CPA firms ($1MM-5MM in total billings)


Large CPA firms (>$5MM in total billings)




This is just a small slice of the data that will be available in BVR’s full report; to pre-order your copy, click here.

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