IVSC publishes submitted comments on DCF

BVWireIssue #104-3
May 18, 2011

Last January the International Valuation Professional Board solicited comments for an exposure draft that would replace the current GN9 ‘Discounted Cash Flow Analysis for Market Valuations and Investment Analyses’ (Revised 2007). GN9 provides practical guidance for the application of the DCF approach for the valuation of businesses as well as real estate assets. The organization received 31 comments, including one by Shannon Pratt and Roger Grabowski, and are available here.

The IVSC is also looking to form Working Groups on the following Financial Instruments Expert Advisory Group (FIEAG) projects to assist in identifying valuation problems in the financial markets:

  • Financial Instruments Valuation Methods
  • Credit / Debit Valuation Adjustments
  • Liquidity Premia
  • Yield Curve Dislocation
  • Model Uncertainty

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the IVSC’s activities or put forward a nomination for membership of a working group, please contact the IVSC Technical Director, Chris Thorne here or call +44 771 880 7326.

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