ISO 10688 creates new focus on brand valuation

BVWireIssue #102-4
March 23, 2011

Brand valuation has evolved considerably since it originated in the 1980’s, writes Sophie Roberts in “Brand Valuation: the methodologies” in Intellectual Property Magazine. “Universally recognised methods used to carry them out have been devised, tweaked and rated,” she says.  Just last year, the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) published BSI ISO: 10668 Brand Valuation: Requirements for monetary valuation.

Roberts quotes Roy D’Souza and Brad Sarna of Ocean Tomo:

A brand valuation is similar to any other valuation, but has additional steps that extend the time-frame and amount of work to be completed. It involves the application of generally accepted valuation techniques and factors it also requires an understanding of the qualitative factors that go into the key elements of a brand.  The process of combining market research with financial results to understand what drives a brand’s value is complex and specialized.

For a detailed article on brand valuation and BSI ISO: 10668 read “ISO 10668 and Brand Valuations: A Summary for Appraisers” by James Catty in the upcoming issue of Business Valuation Update (April 2011).

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