IP value is context specific

BVWireIssue #97-2
October 13, 2010

There are many reasons for valuing IP. But regardless of the scenario, “the most important underlying concept in all IP valuation is that it is very much context-specific,” says Weston Anson (CONSOR) in "When IP Valuation Is Necessary: The Sales/ Commercial Transaction.”  Anson outlines eight different situations or contexts:
  • Going concern sale
  • Reorganization or bankruptcy
  • Estate settlement
  • Divorce
  • Donation
  • License
  • Litigation

“The contextual environment can change how an asset is valued, for what period of time the asset is valued, whether the asset is valued at today’s value or under some other scenario, etc.,” says Anson.

Click here for the article, which is an excerpt from Anson’s recent book IP Valuation and Management,

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