Insights into a BV firm acquisition

BVWireIssue #177-4
June 28, 2017

What makes a BV firm an attractive acquisition target? Nancy Fannon (Marcum LLP) gives her insights into the acquisition of her prior firm Meyers, Harrison & Pia LLC (MHP) by Marcum LLP in an article in the July 2017 issue of Business Valuation Update.

Scalability: One of the attributes that made MHP a prime target was the scalability of its work. “For many years, each of the partners and senior staff focused on projects that small teams could perform," she writes. "However, over time, we began to get larger and more complex projects, which required a greater number of staff for longer periods of time. Due to our relatively small size, we could only handle one or two of these projects a year. These projects tend to require significant amounts of junior staff time. Marcum saw the opportunity to leverage its staff of 1,500 professionals, allowing us to acquire more of these larger projects."

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