Husband shuns BV expert, loses case

BVWireIssue #237-2
June 15, 2022

marital dissolution/divorce
real estate, stock, double counting, marital property, gross sales, business valuation method

In a Pennsylvania divorce case involving a restaurant, neither the husband nor the wife submitted formal business appraisals. But the wife had an accounting degree and had worked as an auditor, so she herself did a valuation using the “gross sales method,” and she prevailed in the trial court. On appeal, the husband argued that she was not competent to testify as to the valuation and that the method she used was not appropriate. But the appellate court disagreed, finding she was competent and that prior experts had used the gross sales method, so it was appropriate.

The case is Snyder v. Snyder, 2022 Pa. Super. LEXIS 175; 2022 PA Super 72, and a case analysis and full opinion are available on the BVLaw platform.

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