Hulk Hogan v. Gawker . . . StoneEagle v. Pay-Plus. Hear the Experts from the two hottest cases in BV

BVWireIssue #165-3
June 22, 2016

Get the view from inside the courtrooms of two of the most recent high-profile cases to hit the BV world and beyond. In BVR’s upcoming webinar “Litigation Dynamics and Daubert Challenges: Excelling as an Expert,” Weston Anson shares the expertise earned in presenting an unproven methodology in court. “The judge allowed me, as plaintiff’s damages expert, to offer royalty rate analysis without reference to any of the Georgia-Pacific factors in the matter StoneEagle Services, Inc. v. Pay-Plus Solutions, Inc. and to provide testimony based on market approach valuation theories. Plaintiffs received a favorable outcome—a jury award of $2.2 million in royalties,” Anson explains.

Jeff Anderson, director of valuation and analytics at CONSOR, was the testifying economic expert on behalf of Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan), who is poised to collect damages awards of $55 million, economic; $60 million, noneconomic; and $25 million, punitive from the gossip website Gawker (see the May 11, 2016 BVWire). As IP valuation experts, the CONSOR team was asked to provide an opinion and to quantify the benefit to Gawker, as measured by the increase in value of the website that resulted from Gawker posting the Bollea sex tape. Join us Tuesday, June 28, to get insight into the world of high-stakes courtroom testimony.

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