Holiday season brings CPE cheer

BVWireIssue #135-2
December 11, 2013

There’s an abundance of CPE events coming up:

Advanced Workshop on Fractional Interest Valuation (December 12): This intensive, four-hour workshop addresses the challenges in valuing divided and undivided interests across all asset classes and how to overcome these obstacles. Click here for a free preview of the presentation slides. Featuring: Dennis Webb (Primus Valuation)

Market-Derived Patent Data: What Data Is Important and How Does It Impact Value? (December 19): Information provided by the U.S. Patent Office on assignments, applications, grants, and other economic events can provide an invaluable resource for appraisers tasked with appraising intangible properties. Learn how these data can provide key market-based benchmarks and comparables on the economic life, utility, and value of an intellectual property. Featuring: Mike Pellegrino (Pellegrino & Associates)

The 2014 Online Symposium on Fair Value Measurement: Throughout 2014, this special series of monthly webinars will examine the ever-evolving practice of calculating, analyzing, and presenting a fair value determination. From professional standards to guidance and research from the top minds in the profession, the 12-part symposium will address what every appraiser needs to know in this rapidly evolving field. First up will be:

Overview of Fair Value Accounting (ASC topics 820, 805, 350 and 360) (January 14): Through the professional guidelines that dictate best practices in fair value measurement and reporting, Fair Value Measurement Symposium curator Mark Zyla (Acuitas Inc.) will examine the current state of fair value, where it has been, and where its evolution is heading.

Step Up Your Game: Effective Business Appraisal Reporting (January 10): BVR kicks off 2014 with a four-part look at the written and oral presentation of the business appraisal process. In the first installment, we look at the best practices on business appraisal reporting, as noted by professional standards and judicial decisions, to make the best presentation of the valuation process and conclusion. Featuring: L. Paul Hood Jr. (University of Toledo Foundation) and Timothy Lee (Mercer Capital)

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