Hitchner shares his COVID-19 timeline

BVWireIssue #211-5
April 29, 2020

valuation method
subsequent events, valuation report, coronavirus, COVID-19

When was COVID-19 known or knowable for valuation purposes? To help determine this, Jim Hitchner (Valuation Products and Services) and his staff have prepared a timeline of significant events, including the pandemic’s effect on the U.S. stock market, and they are graciously sharing it with everyone. The timeline comes complete with footnotes and a bibliography, and you can find a link to it on BVR’s COVID-19 Resource Page under Additional Resources.

Consensus on date? There is no single date that everyone can use for determining when the virus was known or knowable—it depends on the facts and circumstances of your subject company. For example, a company with all local customers and suppliers would be in a different situation than, say, a company that depends on a supply chain in another part of the world. That’s why it’s important to consider timelines in your analysis. Another helpful timeline to look at is one the business valuation and forensics team at Rosenfield and Co. PLLC prepared, and it is available if you click here.

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