Handling compliance (409a, 141R) with relative ease

BVWireIssue #65-3
February 27, 2008

“With the implementation of 409a over the past several years, we have seen and heard it all,” says a recent blog from Quist Valuation (Broomfield, CO).  “Frustrated, mad and confused executives, auditor/client disagreements, auditor/valuation firm disagreements…”  However, there are numerous companies that handle 409a compliance with ease, “minimal time and minimal stress.”  These companies take a proactive approach and elect to do multiple valuations per year.  “They set budgets and expectations, keep open communications with their auditors and valuation firms, and adhere to a consistent timeline.”  To read more, click here.

Get ready for 141R:  Analysts at Mercer Capital (Memphis, TN) have just posted a comprehensive overview of 141R compliance.  Financial managers should familiarize themselves with the rule changes now, the article says, to be adequately prepared when FAS 141R becomes effective.  “The revised standard sharpens the accounting guidance for business combinations as well as the scope of situations applicable to these rules, and also provides a significantly larger body of implementation guidance than its predecessor.”   The complete article is here.

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