Good examples of BV experts getting good press

BVWireIssue #127-1
April 3, 2013

We believe BV appraisers should be on the speed-dial list of every business reporter, their expertise the “center column” of financial pages, but recently we’ve seen articles on appraisal topics in places from The New York Times to Forbes to a daily business blog that have somehow omitted BV experts as go-to sources and authors—until now.

In a new article for Crain’s Cleveland Business, “When a purchase involves both cash and stock, buyer and seller beware,” author and appraiser Sean Saari (Skoda Minotti) explains in plain and convincing language how the complex discount for lack of marketability should put both parties to a business sale on high alert.

And in a dramatic tale that rivals King Lear in the dissolution of a family—and its multi-million-dollar citrus business—a Florida Trend article relies on “valuation expert” Don Wiggins (Business Valuation Inc.) to explain why the values in dissenting shareholder litigation can be so disparate—and so vital to the eventual outcome of the case.

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