Global valuation insights at IACVA Malaysia event September 18-20

BVWireIssue #167-3
August 17, 2016

Practitioners from Malaysia, China, Korea, the Middle East, Australia, and others will share valuation developments in their countries during one of the sessions at the IACVA 2016 Malaysia International Business Valuation Conference in Kuala Lampur. So far, valuation experts from six continents will be attending in order to share insights on valuation theories and practices in today’s global economy. Other sessions include a panel discussion on performing a valuation due diligence in different parts of the world, an update on global valuation standards presented by Robert Brackett (Crandall & Brackett, USA), and the latest in valuation research tools, presented by James Horvath of ValuQuest Limited—Canada.

There’s a lot going on in valuation around the world! For details and how to register, click here.

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