Global BV news: Update on IVS 2017 timing

BVWireIssue #164-1
May 4, 2016

In a recent interview, Steven Sherman, chair of the Standards Board of the IVSC, spoke with Michael Badham of the iiBV about the development of the new version of the international valuation standards. “We have significantly upgraded the Standards based on meaningful input from both VPOs around the world and from those who were involved in restructuring the IVSC,” says Sherman.

Comments wanted: The IVSC recently issued four exposure drafts that are part of the new version of IVS (IVS 2017). They are: IVS 104 Bases of Value, IVS 105 Valuation Approaches, IVS 210 Intangible Assets, and Introduction and Framework to IVS 2017. There is a 90-day comment period for these exposure drafts. The remaining chapters of IVS 2017 are expected to be released as exposure drafts in May or early June.

“We are planning our next public meeting for early September in London, in order to take those comments and integrate them as best possible,” says Sherman. “We will have the Standards Board finalize IVS 2017 in advance of the IVSC annual meeting, next October.” He also mentioned that people who can’t attend the September meeting can dial in and listen. The meeting will also be recorded “so people can replay it and hear in a very transparent setting what was discussed and what we have done.”

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