Global BV News: U.K. wants to promote IP valuations

BVWireIssue #182-3
November 15, 2017

Last week’s BVWire reported on a study from the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) that shows a low awareness of IP valuation within U.K. businesses. The UKIPO has now published an “Intellectual Property Call for Views” as it seeks to find ways to stimulate collaborative innovation and increase licensing opportunities for intellectual property (IP) rights. The goal is to identify the valuation market’s structure, behavioral drivers, and whether barriers could be overcome to encourage more businesses to carry out valuations of their IP with a view toward being able to trade, protect, and invest in it more effectively. The UKIPO notes that other countries around the world are also looking at this issue, and some have arrived at commonly accepted, government-regulated standard valuation methods. The call for views requests comments on whether and how the U.K. should consider similar activities and what the benefits would be.

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