Global BV News: The BV profession in France is strengthening

BVWireIssue #208-2
January 15, 2020

global business valuation
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The valuation profession in France is not regulated, and there are no formal requirements or obligations to hold specific credentials. The accounting and audit professions are regulated in France but not valuation. However, there is a growing demand to see strong levels of professionalism and transparency in the valuation profession, explains Amaury Catrice, director general of the French Federation of Evaluation Experts (FFEE) in an interview. For example, most of the French universities and business schools now have business valuation in their curricula. Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses are also expanding, and other professional bodies are offering educational programs for their qualified professionals who want to move on to business valuation. “While valuation per se is not regulated in France, valuation professionals and the reports they prepare interact often with heavily regulated functions, for example in the preparation of fairness opinions which are regulated under the AMF [the stock market regulator in France]; or in the preparation of financial statements prescribed by IFRS,” Catrice notes.
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