Global BV News: Take a closer look at academic work

BVWireIssue #262-1
July 10, 2024

global business valuation
business valuation profession, international business valuation, conference

A recap of the recent Business Valuation Institute UK (BVIUK) Summit reports that there was discussion about the integration of academic research into practical valuation applications. A panel stressed the importance of understanding and correctly applying model assumptions, and practitioners were encouraged to evaluate academic work critically. A crucial factor for advancing academic research is enhanced data availability for private companies. Also, educational programs such as those the CFA Institute offers were recognized for their role in teaching practical application of theoretical studies. (We point out that a new monthly feature in Business Valuation Update includes research papers that should be of interest to business valuation practitioners.)

The BVIUK is an emerging educational platform for experts, enthusiasts, and students in the rapidly evolving field of business valuation worldwide.

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