Global BV News: Spotlight on pharma firms in KPMG’s 4Q20 valuation brief

BVWireIssue #219-2
December 9, 2020

global business valuation
business valuation profession, cost of capital, international business valuation, coronavirus, COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to dominate a lot of the discussion in KPMG’s Quarterly Brief—International Valuation Newsletter for the fourth quarter of 2020. There’s a discussion of the challenges of valuation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector that points out that many analysts are using probability-weighted cash flow methods and risk-adjusted net present value to deal with these challenges. There is also an update on recent capital market data, including major stock market performances, valuation multiples, current risk-free rates for major currencies, and country risk premiums. The full issue is available if you click here.
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