Global BV News: Scope issue re: exposure draft on nonfinancial liabilities

BVWireIssue #200-2
May 8, 2019

global business valuation
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A large number of comments were received on IVS 220 Non-Financial Liabilities, a draft standard the Business Valuation Board of the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) developed. The most common theme in the comments centered around what is included in the scope of the standard, according to Andreas Ohl, the board’s chair. “As a board, we had spent a fair amount of time prior to drafting the exposure draft looking at the issue of scope, and it seems we may need to do a little bit more work to get it clear,” Ohl says in an interview. “We will do that over the next few weeks, and our goal is to publish the final standard by the end of June. It is possible that the end result will be that there are a few things that are scoped out that we will deal with in separate projects starting over the summer.” Nonfinancial liabilities include such items as deferred revenue, warranties, environmental liabilities, asset retirement obligations, certain contingent consideration obligations, loyalty programs, certain litigation reserves and contingencies, and certain indemnifications and guarantees.
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