Global BV News: Salvidio’s global industry betas for 1Q2019

BVWireIssue #202-1
July 10, 2019

global business valuation
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BVR offers a free download (click here) of the 1Q 2019 “Industry Betas” report from Salvidio & Partners, a Rome, Italy-based business valuation firm headed by Ascanio Salvidio. The report includes levered and unlevered betas for 65 industries, 144 subindustries, and “regional” betas for 10 geographical areas—including North America, the EU, and Western Europe. The report is issued quarterly with the hope that it will provide valuers with useful information about industry risk in cost of capital calculation, improving the quality of their analyses around the world. Salvidio’s betas are included in BVR’s Cost of Capital Professional online platform to help in estimating the industry risk premium (IRP) component of the buildup method.
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