Global BV news: New research reveals MRP used in 71 countries

BVWireIssue #165-4
June 29, 2016

Market Risk Premium Used in 71 Countries in 2016: A Survey with 6,932 Answers” is the latest research from Pablo Fernandez, Alberto Ortiz Pizarro, and Isabel Fernández Acín. They found that over half (54%) of the MRP used in 2016 decreased (vs. 2015) and 38% have increased. “Most previous surveys have been interested in the expected MRP, but this survey asks about the required MRP,” they say. The paper also contains the references used to justify the MRP as well as written comments from 46 respondents.

This research is currently in the sixth spot in SSRN’s list of Top Downloads for the Financial Economics Network over the past 60 days. Pablo Fernandez, a professor in the department of financial management at the University of Navarra—IESE Business School in Spain, has over 200 papers published on SSRN, many of them related to valuation. He currently ranks as No. 1 in all-time downloads.

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