Global BV News: Learn to say ‘no’ to some clients, says former ANEVAR president

BVWireIssue #223-3
April 21, 2021

global business valuation
international valuation standards, business valuation profession, international business valuation

Some business valuation clients are “dangerous,” and valuers need to say “no” to them, advises Dana Ababei, former president of the National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers, Romania (ANEVAR). These risky clients “put pressure on valuers, do not care about anyone, avoid paying for the services when the value is not what they expect and rather look for another valuer whom they subject to the same pressure,” she writes in the 2021 edition of VALUE: Wherever It Is, a publication from ANEVAR. For the good of the valuation profession, valuers should say “no” to these clients and tell them why. “I believe trust is built on the truth that we tell people, not on what they want to hear,” she says.
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