Global BV news: iiBV task force homes in on global BV designation

BVWireIssue #160-1
January 5, 2016

The Education Committee of the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) has formed a special task force to consider the details of an international business valuation designation for member valuation professional organizations (VPO) to offer to their constituents.

The special task force is comprised of global seasoned professionals. Chaired by Jeannine Brooks, executive director at EPR Canada Group Inc., an association of independent accounting firms across Canada, the special task force’s members include Edwina Tam, chair of the iiBV Education Committee; John-Henry Eversgerd; April McKenzie; Mary Jane Andrews, past chair of the iiBV; and Mark Penny, past president of the ASA. Averill Bell and Michael Badham of the iiBV provide additional support.

The special task force is in the process of preparing a recommendation that covers the following areas: (1) expected competencies and curriculum of the international BV designation; (2) delivery mode, description of qualification, and qualification process; and (3) roles and responsibilities of the iiBV and the iiBV’s member VPOs in the administration of the international BV designation.

The special task force is on schedule to have a draft report ready for the Education Committee for review by the end of January, and it will then be presented to the iiBV board in February 2016 for approval.

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