Global BV News: Fernandez’s survey of 2024 risk premiums and risk-free rates

BVWireIssue #261-1
June 5, 2024

global business valuation
cost of capital, international business valuation, international cost of capital

The results of Professor Pablo Fernandez’s latest survey of the market risk premiums and risk-free rates used in 96 countries in 2024 is now available. For the U.S., Fernandez found an average market risk premium of 5.5%. Countries with high MRPs include the Ukraine, Argentina, Venezuela, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and Tunisia, all with average rates above 20%. The paper also contains the links to all previous surveys, 2008 to 2023. To download the paper, click here.

Co-authors of the survey are Diego García de la Garza (University of Navarra, IESE Business School) and Lucía Fernández Acín, an independent. Fernandez is a professor of finance at the IESE Business School in Spain and has over 200 papers published on SSRN, many of them related to valuation.

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