Get a ‘sneak peek’ at new guide on valuing healthcare compensation, plus two free practice aids

BVWireIssue #124-2
January 9, 2013

It’s now available: the BVR/AHLA Guide to Healthcare Industry Compensation and Valuation, edited by Timothy Smith and Mark Dietrich. The first (and only) comprehensive authority on compensation valuation (CV) in the healthcare industry, the new guide features 42 chapters and five practice aids and presents a systematic treatment of this new appraisal discipline. Five major sections include:

  • Definitions, methods, and techniques of CV;
  • Regulatory matters affecting CV;
  • Specific topics related to physicians’ CV;
  • Appraising compensation arrangements; and
  • Advanced issues and special topics in CV.

We’re also offering a “sneak peek” at the guide and two complimentary downloads: a commercial reasonableness assessment tool and reasonable compensation checklist. For more information and to purchase the new, comprehensive guide to CV, click here now.

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