Free e-book on DLOMs and the IRS

BVWireIssue #185-4
February 28, 2018

The BVWire News blog has a post that contains a link to a free e-book by Michael Gregory (Michael Gregory Consulting LLC), DLOMs and the IRS. Gregory is a former IRS territory manager now in private practice who championed the DLOM Job Aid the IRS published in 2011. The e-book contains a list of DLOM models that the IRS most likely will accept and also includes some tips when dealing with the IRS in an examination.

Negotiating tip: One of the tips in the blog post says to understand who the decision-maker is when starting the negotiation process. “The decision-maker is not the IRS business valuer. The initial decision-maker is the agent or the estate and gift tax attorney. The final decision-maker is the manager of the agent, or the manager of the estate and gift tax attorney. Seek to uncover the interests of those involved, and always keep those interests in mind as you negotiate the valuation issues.”

To access the blog post with the link to the free e-book, click here.

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