Food for thought in BVR’s new guide to valuing restaurants

BVWireIssue #217-4
October 28, 2020

industry analysis
transaction data, transaction multiples, benchmark, industry analysis, COVID-19

There is no magic formula for doing valuations for firms impacted by the pandemic—especially in the hard-hit restaurant sector. It takes a back-to-basics approach steeped in fundamentals laced with a much greater dose of professional judgment. To help you with this, BVR’s new guide, What It’s Worth: Valuing Full-Service Restaurants, gives you the tools you need to build a foundation on which to develop a valuation in today’s volatile environment. The report includes a special section on what to think about in terms of the impact of the virus, such as how to dig deeper into the operations, modifying the DCF, adjusting pre-COVID-19 market multiples, analyzing and layering in the extra risks, and more. The report also gives you the fundamental value drivers for full-service restaurants, case studies, historical market trends, and sources of the best industry data. True, your valuation today will be much more difficult than before, but this new guide will help make it just as reliable as ever. You can take a look at the table of contents if you click here.
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