Five simple BV marketing resolutions that put the year—and life—into perspective

BVWireIssue #124-1
January 3, 2013

“Let me share with you a secret that is not really that secret,” writes Barbara Price, director of marketing for Mercer Capital, in the ASA’s e-letter published just before the holidays. “Marketing is not that difficult.” And making New Year’s resolutions—particularly in the face of events that are truly difficult or tragic, such as those that left their sad mark on last year (Hurricane Sandy, Newtown) may seem relatively “unimportant” she says, particularly when studies suggest that our January resolutions won’t last the month.

But marketing is not about promoting business or brands so much as making “personal connections,” Price says. She suggests keeping this important list in mind when making your 2013 marketing plans:

  1. Invest what you have to invest (both in time and money) to get good at what you do;

  2. Pay attention to your clients;
  3. Put helpful content on your website;
  4. Network—get to know your peers, learn from them, and then educate them, too; and
  1. Figure out what development techniques you are good at and do those. 

Consider your legacy. To put these five resolutions in proper perspective, Price reminds BV appraisers to “focus on what’s important. Our careers can give us great enjoyment and a sense of purpose—or they can be a weight around our neck.” Remember to give back, slow down, and deepen your most valuable relationships, particularly with something greater than yourself. “You are not your career, or the clothes you wear, or the car you drive. Your LinkedIn profile is not the sum of who you are,” Price says. “The length of time we're on earth is but a breath. What will your legacy be? Spend more time thinking about this question and then do something about it.”

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