First-ever employee assessment for BV

BVWireIssue #61-4
October 24, 2007

Too often—especially during the current labor crunch—valuation practices may be tempted to make new hires without sufficient objective input as to their “fit.”  Off-the-shelf assessments aren’t tailored specifically to the needs of the BV profession, and after more than a dozen years of watching employers struggle with these decisions, Borrowman Baker has developed the first-ever pre-employment benchmarking system for BV candidates. 

How it works: Potential hires complete an online evaluation in about fifteen minutes.  Their scores are compared to a Job Match Pattern, further correlated to their functional levels.  A “Placement Report” compares each candidate to successful individuals in Thinking Style, Occupational Interests, and Behavioral Traits.  In addition to analyzing the “fit” of potential hires to the position, the reports also suggest helpful interview questions.  BV firms can use the assessments on current employees, to improve productivity and identify coaching needs.  The new pre-employment testing is *free* for a limited time (until December 15, 2008).  To find out more, go to BorrowmanBaker and click on the link at the top of the page; or visit John Borrowman at his booth at the ASA BV conference in San Diego, or at the AICPA National BV Conference in New Orleans in December.      

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