FAU offers online accounting course on data analytics

BVWireIssue #220-2
January 13, 2021

practice management and growth
global business valuation education, valuation practice management

The School of Accounting Executive Master’s Degree Program at Florida Atlantic University has developed an online accounting course on data analytics in auditing, managerial accounting, and financial statement analysis. The course includes hands-on practice in extracting data from accounting systems for use in analytical software. This course covers an entire semester, which starts this month (officially on January 16) and is worth three credit hours for CPE purposes, which should translate to 45 CPE credits. There is no set class schedule—you make your own weekly schedule and arrange online meetings with the instructor for one-on-one or group meeting. There is a short video by the instructor, who is a CPA with direct experience in data analytics. The cost is $700. The contact information for the application is 561-297-0525, or you can email Deborah Cavicchia at dcavicchia@fau.edu. FAU’s School of Accounting Executive Program can help expedite the application process.
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