Fall harvest of CPE events

BVWireIssue #145-2
October 8, 2014

An array of excellent BV webinars is on tap for this month.

International Cost of Capital: Practical Applications (October 9), featuring Nancy Czaplinski and Linda Sweet (both American Appraisal). Determining cost of capital is challenging in the best of times. Beyond the U.S. border, considerations of currency, risk, and other economic indicators in the rapidly changing global economy exacerbate these challenges. Learn how to overcome such obstacles in this must-attend webinar.

The Market Participant Acquisition Premium (October 16), featuring Travis Harms (Mercer Capital). In April 2013, the Appraisal Foundation introduced a new term to the business valuation vernacular, the market participant acquisition premium (MPAP), created to "emphasize the importance of the market participant perspective when measuring fair value, and to distinguish this premium from the more general (and occasionally controversial) notion of the control premium." Part 10 of the Online Symposium on Fair Value Measurement addresses the latest BV term, its use, and conceptual basis.

Valuing Covenants Not to Compete in Healthcare (October 21), featuring Jason Ruchaber (Berkeley Research Group). In healthcare transactions, the already difficult task of assessing compensation is compounded by noncompete agreements. In Part 10 of BVR’s Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation, expert Ruchaber discusses the structure, valuation, and analysis of these common—but challenging—agreements.

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