Expert insights on valuation and bankruptcy

BVWireIssue #90-5
March 31, 2010

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intellectual property, bankruptcy, private equity, solvency, s corporation

We’ve just posted numerous new articles from Insights, the esteemed valuation quarterly published by Willamette Management Associates and provided exclusively to subscribers of BVResearch. The new content includes special-focus articles on bankruptcy and reorganization analyses by noted Willamette experts Robert Reilly, Charles Wilhoite, and:

  • Financially Troubled Company Purchase/Sale Transaction Structure Issues by Scott Cobb and Nguyen “Wen” Ho.
  • Financial Adviser Procedures Related to Bankruptcy-related Solvency Opinions by Katherine Gilbert.
  • Debt is the New Equity: How Private Equity Funds Will Sponsor Buyouts Through Chapter 11 by Jonathan S. Henes, Esq., Kirk A. Radke, Esq., and Christopher T. Greco, Esq.
  • Bankruptcy-related Valuation and Financial Advisory Services by Nguyen “Wen” Ho and Scott Cobb.
  • Ponzi Schemes and Clawbacks: Investors Pay Twice for the Crimes of Others by John J. Monaghan, Esq., Richard E. Lear, Esq., and Diane N. Rallis, Esq.
  • Section 409A Considerations Related to the Grant of Closely Held Corporation Employee Stock Options by Robert F. Reilly.
  • Valuation of Debtor Corporation Intellectual Property During a Distressed Economy by Robert F. Reilly.
  • Income Tax Issues Related to the Financially Distressed S Corporation by Jin Wang.
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